YOU are insane! YOU are criminals! 你們沒面子!

YOU are insane! YOU are criminals! 你們沒面子!

你們沒面子! 你們只是犯罪者! 你們都病的!

YOU are insane! YOU are criminals!

And even totally idiot, because now the whole world knows what you are!

现在,大家知道你們只是瘋狂的蟑螂! [*** new address ***] 

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My sister’s “literary” site is rich of first-hand information on these State-organised psychotic and criminal louses:



It is decades that there are programs, at NATO level, for producing and managing internal terrorism. There are, consequently, coercion’s programs for inducing people to become terrorists and demolition/annihilation programs for liquidating people not complying, after having been selected, with such State/ “government” insanities, madness and crimes. These programs have been created and implemented with the assistance of academicians and the cover of Parliaments. They extend beyond the NATO area.

The devices below showed are devices for watching through walls, floors, ceilings. They are used for white torture [building harassment, sleep deprivation, psychological annihilation, …when they are successful]. These devices have been given also to States outside the NATO area [Taiwan for example] and even to States of the officially “enemy” area, for example the PRC [China], which have been involved in such “NATO” programs.